The purpose of Public Consultation Advocacy is to facilitate the sharing of information


The goal is for citizens to be informed and consulted, rather than to be ill informed and easily (mis?)led.

Terms of Reference

Public consultation processes can address topics of interest to the public. For example, access to water, education, transportation, for community plans, etc.

Information to be shared is information that addresses the goal of the topic being addressed. For example, the goal of public education is to provide the best education experience for all students; therefore, information relevant to the best education experience for all students needs to be shared.

Objectives - Education

Information needs to be interpreted and analyzed; therefore, an objective is to provide education needed to analyze issues.

Education includes learning both qualitative and quantitative methods. .

Education includes the analysis and interpretation of historical information, as well as the tools with which to forecast.

Objectives - Access to information

Relevant information can be kept up to date and made available regularly. Historical data must be kept. Historical data should also be copied into useable formats, for example, electronic formats. In this manner, historical data can be made available via the internet.

Objectives - Liason

... with the local Univiersity and Colleges to help with studies.

... with other School Districts to improve public consultation.


By staying informed and learning how to analyze and interpret data, public consultations can result in the implementation of plans that can improve quality with low cost and time.

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