Qualicum School District Facilities Review Information Sessions

As information is provided by the QSD Board and or other sources, such as the Ministry of Education, presentations will be made, open to the public.

The following topics will be presented at future Qualicum School District Facilities Review Information Sessions (QSDFRIS) when ready.

  1. Enrolment estimates and forecasts
  2. Transportation costs estimates and forecasts
  3. Capacity and Utilization estimation and forecasting
  4. Funding Formula inputs will be run
  5. International Students

Presentation to Parents Advicory Committees will start in the fall 2011.
Courses on Population Change by age and sex, locally to globally start on November 2, 2011

If you would like a topic to be addressed please let us know.

What are these Qualicum School District, Facilities Review, Information Sessions (QSDFRIS)?

These sessions grew out of the Population Forums and presentations by William Warren Munroe, held in the Parksville/ Qualicum Beach area since 2006.

As there are so many topics to address regarding the QSDFReview, many concerned citizens began asking many questions, in an effort to understand the challenges and to help find alternatives to school's permanent closures. Since the responses from the QSD admin staff were less than accommodating, people have taken the initiative to share information and findings. Thus began the QSDFRInformation Sessions.

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