Welcome to Public Consultation Advocacy

This webpage is new and still being put together. There was so much information to share regarding the Public Consultation Process under way in Qualicum School District, that this website needed to get started. (WM)

This webpage will be used to provide a record of efforts to advocate access to, and analysis of, information relevant to the public consultation process in the Qualicum School District (QSD, or SD69 same area).

The public consultation process refers to the two-way exchange of information, as well as opinion.

Where possible, an effort will be made to work with other School Districts to improve public consultation.

Objectives include liasoning with the local Univiersity and Colleges to help with studies, and sharing information, as well as providing some basic tools to be able to analyze information.

The Advocacy page provides summarys of the content of articles with opinions and information as well as links to correspondance with individuals, groups, and organizations involved in the QSD

The Service page provides a place to post studies and analysis of relevant topics.

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