wm infomatics improves access to information by organizing data into properly structured relational databases, setting up your web server, and creating dynamic webpages to provide information over the internet.

Many organizations are now benefiting from the time and cost savings gained by storing data in databases that can be queried via the internet, and within the organization via an intranet.

By making dynamic webpages (i.e., webpages that allow people to select the information they are interested in), the information provider does not need to spend time creating html tables or pdfs to be posted on the web. Nor does the information provider need to make special runs for data requests made by end users, as the end users can select the data they require over the intra/internet.

Once the dynamic webpage is created, revisions are made instantly and updates (for example adding another year of data) can be done in seconds. Therefore, by implimenting a WebAccess Data Management System, data can be stored easily and webpages are kept current.

In order to facilitate the exploration of variables, the selected data can be presented both in tables and in labelled charts. The data can be brought into a spreadsheet format (.csv) by clicking a "download" button.

Grant Palin is an excellent programmer who helped write the aspx code.

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