BC Official Statistics and Workplace Safety Petition, 2005/2011

In an effort to promote reliable official statistics and workplace safety in British Columbia, arbitration is being requested to be allowed to continue, in the case between William Warren Munroe and the Province of British Columbia.

For more information including descriptions of the use of non statistical and sub-standard methods and models to create population numbers disseminated by BC Stats’ Population Section, including the use of perks, and intimidation to coerce Population Analysts to change official population statistics, including accusations of fear for safety in the workplace after a grievance was initiated, the antagonism towards cost cutting innovations, and the surgical techniques used by the BCPSA and the BCGEU to avoid addressing the real matters in dispute and denying arbitration please,

Please help support improving the reliability of official statistics and workplace safety in British Columbia by adding your name to the petition.

Request for Arbitration

Preliminary preparation before requesting a judicial review, June 2009

1. Formal Request

2. Exhibits