Census Area: Census Division, Central Coast Regional District*

*Note to Reader:

Due to the high non-response rate in 2006 (~ 10% to 25%)1 along with the low census count for 2006 (below both 2001 and 2011), for this presentation, a 12.5% increase was added to the 5 year age groups for 2006 raising the total population herein from 3,190 to 3,589. This adjustment increases the population above the 2011 census count thus showing a continued decline in population between 1996 to 2011.

1 Non-response rate:

2006: Data quality index showing, for the short census questionnaire (100% data), a global non response rate higher than or equal to 10% but lower than 25% (Source: Statistics Canada).


Adapted from Statistics Canada, 1996 to 2011 Census of Population, by William Warren Munroe

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