About Code

Writing the code, as well as the thinking about presenting content dynamically, including the look and feel, was necessary not only to address my goals of providing reliable Demographic information, but also to engage me enough to keep my experience, since working with British Columbia's Official "Statistical" Agency, called BC Statistics, in perspective.

Perhaps British Columbia's Official "Statistical" Agency should be called BC Perspectives and this term will be used colloquially and perhaps, eventually, officially - British Columbia's Official Perspectives Agency.

During the development of estatsBC for BC Statistics (BC Perspectives) later renamed the web access data management tool (wadmt), some people referred to the industrial look, because, while it functioned soundly, it lacked aesthetics.

My reply was that any look could be applied because it's structure is perfect, accommodating additional and changing information to create additional and changing outputs (the benefits of referring to the golden mean and gold ratio).

After learning html, xml, SQL, .asp, adopting .aspx, to create a wizard that creates dynamic websites based on soundly built relational databases in less than a minute, I learned .css.

I was particularly interested in websites without tables, so I created a boxy look to my websites to test, push, benefit from .css 's abilities. A real pleasure. Thank you to the people, from the garage hobbiests to the standards people at w3, who have helped this langage to improve.

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