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William Warren Munroe
Population Analyst
Master of Arts (Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 2001)
Bachelor of Arts, Honours (Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 1999)
Major in Geography
Specializing in Migration and Statistics
Emphasis in History and Demographics

Work Experience

Hired into the position of Economist, with the title Population Analyst, Provincial migration expert, BC Government, 2002 to 2006,

dismissed for insubordination after raising concerns about non-statistical and substandard methods, data, and models (such as using the change in telephone landlines as an indicator of population change; assuming that as landline hookups increase population increases and as hookups decline population declines). Using this substandard indicator produced population estimates where all municipalities in the GVRD declined since 1996; therefore, I refused to use this indicator and insisted on using something like using the number of care card holders per municipality. I was not allowed to see the testing of this useless indicator because as the Chief Demographer said, so and so (his friend) had done the testing and that I was not of the same calibre as the person who did the testing and found telephone landline hookup data to be a good indicator. This is how out of touch BC Statistics officials had become.

Not only were we to use telephone landline hookup data to estimate population, the Executive Director Don McRae had me kick out outliers (municipalities where the population did not change the way they were suppose to) in an effort to reduce the error (the difference) between BC Stats' estimates and the actual 2001 Census of Population results.

After raising concerns, I was accused of making my co-workers fear for their (job?) security, ordered to turn in my security pass and ordered to leave the BC Statistic's building. The shop steward helped me carry my books and belongings. Feeling sick to my stomach, I went home and prepared my family to move at spring break. My son was 6 years old in grade 1 and my daughter was 8 in grade 3.

One week later, while packing, I was ordered to return to work but required to submit to a psychological assessment (to address the accusation by BC Stats Executive Director, Don McRae, and the manager of the Population Section Dave O'Neil that I am not able to control my behaviour (what behaviour? raising concerns about the population estimates? Bizarre!). I refused to follow an inapplicable course (an assessment) and insisted on mediation again, but instead was dismissed for insubordination by Deputy Minister, Gordon Macatte.

After six years of requesting arbitration (blocked by Vince Ready), while addressing the recommendation to close schools in our town, I discovered that just before I was fired, Don McRae and Dave O'Neil had submitted false information to Statistics Canada regarding methods and data to determining equalization payments. I had raised concerns about the non-statistical and substandard methods data and models at the same time as Mr. McRae false reporting. Now I know why I was accused of making my co-workers feel unsafe, why I was removed from the contacts list, why my requests for mediation were ignored and why Don McRae determined that "the resolution is that there will be no resolution" ordered to turn in my security pass and leave the building, ordered to have an assessment, refused mediation or resolution and fired - these officials in control of BC Statistics did not want me to reveal the real methods and data to Statistics Canada. Anyone in a BC government position who knew the real methods and data would be fired in an effort to conceal the deception.

The lawyer I paid $3,000 to put forward my request for arbitration, Bill Southward, said I look like a whiner (again bizarre). No other lawyers would take the case. Little wonder deceit pervailed. Little wonder Premier Christy Clark stated Victoria BC has a "sick culture" (May 2012). See Data Warning.

Independent consultant
Freelance writer
Population Analysis Instructor

Community Service
Neighbourhood Watch, Douglas Park, Vancouver
Bicycle route advocacy, North Vancouver
Coordinator, UBC Community Gardens
Co-General Coordinator UBC Tenants Association
UBC Public Participation Process co-founder
Canadian Community Garden Network Advocate
Carleton University Geomatics Society co-founder
Ottawa Community Garden Network Advocate

Community activities
Qualicum Beach Museum Expansion Steering Committee (website retireed)
Qualicum Village Website (website retireed)
Elder College Board Member, Programming Coordinator

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what benefits have come from population analysis? Examples for British Columbia include publication of methods used by BC Stats to estimate population; consideration of fluctuating enrolment regarding school closures; high school recommended for permanent closure kept open.

After finding out that the method and data provided were not the method and data used to create population estimates and forecasts, the Population Projection Project was developed to provide verifiable reproducible, not made up to support a government policy, well defined possible future population projection scenarios.

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