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William Warren Munroe
Population Analyst
Master of Arts (Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 2001)
Bachelor of Arts, Highest Honours (Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 1999)
Major in Geography
Specializing in Migration and Statistics
Emphasis in History and Demographics

Work Experience
Provincial Government of British Columbia, BC Statistics, Economist 24, in the position of Population Analyst, ranking provincial government migration expert, 2002 to 2006. Dismissed for insubordination - for serving the public, not ladder climbers.
Independent consultant
Freelance writer
Population Analysis Instructor

Community Service
Neighbourhood Watch, Douglas Park, Vancouver - initiated
Bicycle route advocacy, North Vancouver, 1990 to 1992 (after being pulled over while riding my bike (Norco Super Sasquatch) up the upper levels. The RCMP office was so mad his face was red and he wanted to fine me. I asked what route to take to ride from BCIT to Lonsdale and 22nd. He shrugged saying he didn't know. So I put together a case to the City of North Van for bicycle routes in N. Van and on the Trans Canada highway upper levels at least to start.
Compost Coordinator, UBC Community Gardens - initiated the acceptance of kitchen scraps from family housing into compost bins, to make compost and to separate and recycle garbage (1993-94)
Coordinator, UBC Community Gardens 2 1/2 years turning the over grown little used community garden that had fallen into disrepair into a gem with 100 active plots and common areas cared for by the gardeners featured on CBC TV's "Canadian Gardener" David Tarrant
Co-General Coordinator UBC Tenants Association - initiated and championed the agreement with UBC to allow a public participation process. Designed a process that works, so long as people enage in honest (not deceitful) discussion/dialogue.
UBC Public Participation Process - Originator, Advocate
Canadian Community Garden Network - Originator, Advocate
Carleton University Geomatics Society - Originator, Advocate
Ottawa Community Garden Network Advocate - Originator, Advocate

Community activities
Qualicum Beach Museum Expansion Steering Committee (website retireed)
Qualicum Village Website (website retireed)
Elder College Board Member, Programming Coordinator
Initiated Public Participation Information Sessions addressing recommendation to close public schools - taken over by a group of people who wanted to save the high school, pretending to care about public consultation while they set up meetings that purposefully excluded the public to save the high school by closing the elementary school. Welcome to small town ways.

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Graduate level statistics Professor's reference

Graduate level statistics course term paper examining variations in Infant Mortality Rates

what benefits have come from population analysis? Examples for British Columbia include publication of methods used by BC Stats to estimate population; consideration of fluctuating enrolment regarding school closures; high school recommended for permanent closure kept open.

After finding out that the method and data provided were not the method and data used to create population estimates and forecasts, the Population Projection Project was developed to provide verifiable reproducible, not made up to support a government policy, well defined population projection scenarios.

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