Transportation Study Conducted by Vancouver Island University Student
by William Warren Munroe, January 18, 2012

As part of the public consultation process underway in the Qualicum School District, a transportation impact study will be conducted.

The current BOARD POLICY 3040: SCHOOL CLOSURE states...

"Where the Board contemplates a school closure, it will take into consideration: effect on transportation services"

A student from Vancouver Island University has taken on the project, with the purpose to ...

"To create a comprehensive report and web mapping application which will show the change in enrolment throughout the years from 1991. It will also show the effects of school closures and enrolment changes on travel time and distance for parents and school buses. The main objective of this project is to create an application that will create a visual aspect to data in the community and make it readily available to the community members."

Since November, 2011, I have asked the Qualicum School District for relevant information

"such as enrolment projections, the physical condition of the school, catchment areas, [and] effect on transportation services."(POLICY 3040)

I have also asked the Qualicum School District to help fund the student's study.

A presentation of the project will take place in the spring.

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